Pride Golf Tee: No.1 Tee in Golf


What type of wood is used to make Pride Golf Tees?
100% Solid Hardwood

How long has Pride Golf Tee been in business?
Over 70 years.

Which colors are Pride Golf Tee's most popular tee colors?
White, Natural, Red, Black, Dk. Blue, Dk. Green, Orange and Yellow.

What is PTS?
PTS, or Pride's Professional Tee System™, is a proprietary system of color coded golf tees that allows for easy identification of length and appropriateness for various golf clubs. For more information, see our PTS page.

Are your tees environmentally-friendly?
Pride Golf Tee's wooden tees are made from 100% solid hardwood, and wood is a biodegradable resource. PTS Evolution™, low-resisntance plastic performance tees, are also enviro-friendly.

How do I find a distributor in my local area?
Call our Customer Service Department and we are glad to give you the names of distributors in your area. 1-800-638-0075 ext 45.