Pride Divot Repair Tools
Pride Divot Repair Tools

Pride offers a wide variety of divot repair tools, including: push-tools™, rubber handle, powder-coated, bent metal, flat oval and plastic repair tools.

Bent Metal
Bent metal tools are available printed or embossed. Printed bent metal tools are available in gold, copper, and pewter. Bent metal Rubber Handle Tools are also available. The tool colors are gold or silver. The rubber colors available are white, red, yellow, orange, black,, pewter, designer blue and dk. green.

Powder Coated Bent Metal Tool
These metal tools have a protective coating and can be printed on. Powder Coated tools are available in colors blue, black, green and red.

Flat Oval Tool
Flat oval tools are available embossed in the following colors : gold, silver, antique copper, pewter, and antique brass.

Plastic Tool
Plastic Divot Repair tools are available imprinted in the following colors: red, white, yellow, orange, purlple, black, citrus orange, pewter, dk. green, dk. blue, citrus pink, lt. green citrus green, gold, pink, cranberry, lt. blue and copper.

One-Prong Divot Repair Tool is available with full-colo, digital printing.

Call 1-800-638-0075 to order.